Photography has long been creeping up on me, watching from the shadows rather than taking the limelight.
In the past it has been a tool to generate source material for paintings/drawings and as a method of documenting the creative process.
Regardless of where the artwork took me, the camera would invariably provide the sturdy foundations from which to build upon.
It was perhaps inevitable that photography would eventually take centre stage, particularly as many of my interests and creative concerns transfer perfectly through the lens.
I am intrigued by the concept of capturing movement and the passing of time. The camera has been the perfect platform from which to continue experimenting with this notion. It has drawn my interest towards long exposure, night photography, light traces/painting and star trails.
I have always been interested in nature and wildlife. Attempting to capture unique moments, within the unpredictable natural world, is as challenging as it is fascinating.
In photography the more you learn, the more you realise you don't know. That notion alone keeps my hand permanently attached to my camera.     
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